Acrocarpus fraxinifolius - Pink Cedar Tree, Kenya Coffeeshade, Shingle Tree Seeds

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Bomanic nomenclature: Acrocarpus fraxinifolius
Common name: Pink Cedar Tree, Kenya Coffeeshade, Shingle Tree
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Southern Asia


A fast and straight growing, large, dry deciduous tree native to southern Asia with ashlike foliage. It is appreciated for its wood, commonly referred to as Pink Cedar even though the plant is actually a legume. The wood is not very durable but easy to work with and widely used for furniture. Acrocarpus is also popular as an ornamental and shade tree. It is sensitive to freezes and best suited to the tropics in USDA Zone 10 or above.

The species has been identified as one of the food plants of the endangered lion-tailed macaque during periods of fruit scarcity.

It is used as a shade tree in coffee plantations in India, where it is also a considered a species of choice for establishment in plantations in badly degraded areas unprotected from cattle grazing. According to the bureau of Indian standards, the timber is recommended for the making of furniture, cabinets and tea boxes.

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