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Botanical nomenclature: vitex agnus-castus
Common name: tree of chaste
Family: verbenaceae
Origin: mediterranean
Climate: tropical and sub-tropical
Luminosity: full sun or half shadow
Height: between 1.50 meters and 5.00 meters of height


Extremely aromatic species, which can be cultivated as fresh or small tree providing beautiful flowered in summer and autumn. The seeds of your fruit may be used as a tempered, similar pepper of the kingdom (therefore pepper monge is one of your common names)

Your leaf also is very very aromatic of coloring verde-gray very similar the leaf of cannabis spp.

The species attract several birds, hummingbird and bees

Its heritage in use is enormous and its common name from their use by the monkes in the average age to keep the celibate (decrease sexual appetite), now in other regions it has been very used exactly with contrary intuitous.

In modern times is used mainly to regulate the menstrual cycle and lightly increase the production of progesterone in women, control of fertility, and other gynecological problems

Fruits and leaves are very much used in popular medicine, recognized in several parts of the world and used also in conventional medicine and aromatherapy.

I was just a brief description, because the species vitex agnus-castus is a plant with medical fines, being the information above only for information purposes.

To use medicine plants, you must seek information with a specialist in the subject or with your doctor.

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