Woodfordia fruticosa - Fire flames, woodfordia, dhataki plant Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: woodfordia fruticosa
Common name: fire flames, woodfordia, dhataki plant
Family: lythraceae
Origin: india
Height: 2 – 3 meters of height
Luminosity: full sun


The plant naturally grows all over india, especially in north of india at altitudes that can vary from 0 zero to 1600 meters.

Fruit woodford is a very branched bush which generally reaches between 1.5 – 3 meters of height in arched bouquets and promotes a great profession in orange-green flowers, giving origin to their common name “fire flames”.

Leaves are used in bilary and stimulating diseases during pregnancy.

The flowers also produce yellow and red corn and produce a gum that is used as a replacement of the “tragacanto” gum.

Flows to the end of the spring and for the whole summer, is also found in cultivation in some parts of the world, for the wonderful effect landscape that provides.

Specify still very rare in domestic cultivation, a magnified and replicent example of history.

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